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Jon Meyer,

High Dynamic Range Photography and Imaging Resources

Jon Meyer, Feb 04

[Almost certainly out of date by now...]

This page contains links to various websites that discuss High Dynamic Range photography and imaging.


DP Review, Michael Chaney Dynamic Range - Glossary Definition [article]

Fredo Durand, The Art and Science of Depiction - Powerpoint slides discussing issues of contrast in representation [talk]

Prokudin-Gorskii, Color Photographs - photographs created from three black and white glass-plates, offering higher color range and dynamic range than modern color films.


Codesta, Digital Photography Trends - Overview of issues in digital cameras, with section on dynamic range. Points out that Bit Depth is the next step [article]

Paul Debevec, Jitendra Malik, Recovering High Dynamic Range Radiance Maps from Photographs - seminal SIGGRAPH 97 paper on mergine multiple exposures together to create a single high-dynamic-range image [research]

First Sight Vision, High Dynamic Range Cameras [product]

Spheron VR, Spheron Cam HDRUp to 26 f-stops of range [product]

DP Review, Fuji SuperCCD SR - review of Fuji's SR chips [review]

Fuji, Fuji SuperCCD SR Press Release [press]

DP Review, Michael Chaney Method for measuring Dynamic Range for consumer cameras, together with table of results [article]

Max Lyons, Measuring Nikon 990 Dynamic Range - article on dynamic range of current digital camera, plus HDR images [article]


ILM, OpenEXR a high dynamic-range (HDR) image file format developed by Industrial Light & Magic for use in computer imaging applications. [software]

Greg Ward, A Proposal to Develop a High Dynamic Range Pixel Encoding [article]

Greg Ward, High Dynamic Range Images [article]

Greg Ward, Talk on High Dynamic Range Imaging [talk]

Kodak, Kodak ERI digital image format - press release describing format that combines RAW data into a JPEG image [press]

JPEG2000, JPEG2000 - with support for up to 16 bits per component [standard]


Paul Debevec's HDRShop [software]

Idruna's Photogenic HDR [software]

Robin Rowe's Cinepaint, free software designed for 35mm and high dynamic range editing.

Greg Ward's Photophile HDR Image Browser slides discussing a browser with HDR capabilities[talk].

Michael Reichmann, Blended Exposures - how to get 8-10 stop dynamic range in Photoshop, plus samples [article]

Peter iNova, Creating Digital Dynamic Range Wider than Film's - another technique for blending images in Photoshop. [article]

Tone Mapping

Garrett Johnson, Mark Fairchild, Rendering HDR Images, based upon an "image appearance model" (see also iCAM) [research]

Raanan Fattal, Dani Lischinski, Michael Werman, Gradient Domain High Dynamic Range Compression , SIGGRAPH 2002 [research]

Reinhard, Erik, Mike Stark, Peter Shirley, Jim Ferwerda, Photographic Tone Reproduction for Digital Images, SIGGRAPH 2002 [research]

Frédo Durand and Julie Dorsey, Fast Bilateral Filtering for the Display of High-Dynamic-Range Images, SIGGRAPH 2002 [research]


Matt Trentacoste, Abhijeet Ghosh, UBC, High Dynamic Range Displays [talk]

Sunnybrook HDR display [product]


Eric Krause, Contrast Blending - tutorial on how to make HDR-like results for panoramas in Photoshop. [article]

Helmut Dersch, Java HDR Panorama Viewer - great online demo of HDR panoramas. [software]

Erik Goetze, HDR for panoramas - overview of various looks for doing HDR panoramas [article]

VR Way, Marco Trezzini, High Dynamic Range Imaging, Panoscan & Spheron - Interview with Greg Downing about Panoramas and HDR [interview]

Greg Downing, HDR Panorama [article]

Aldo Hoeben, fieldOfView Adaptive Dynamic Range for Panoramas - describes ADR - adaptive way to combine multiple exposures to get HDRI panoramas. [article]

Masaki Kawase, Real Time HDR Lighting